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Bhawani Durries of Coimbatore

The Bhawani durries of Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu date back to a couple of centuries. They are woven in cotton and silk. On a cotton base, cotton stripes or traditional designs are woven and on silk base, the designs are woven in silk. This place was initially famous for silk durries ut now staple has taken its place for economic reasons.

Source: http://www.craftscouncilindia.org/crafts/crafts-tn.html

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Tanjore Gold Leaf Painting

Featuring the pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses and stories from Ramayana and Krishna leela themes, the classic Tanjore paintings of Tamil Nadu present perfect harmony and rythm in composition and blending of colours. The speciality of Tanjore paintings, which originated in the courts of the Marhatta rulers of Thanjavur, lies in their ornamentation. Gold leaf, gilted metal pieces and semi-precious stones decorate and embellish the figures on the paintings.

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