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Kalbelia Dance

Kalbelia Dance of Rajasthan is an expression of the Kalbelia community's way of life as snake charmers. The women in flowing skirts dance to the beat of the 'khanjari,' a percussion instrument, and the 'poongi,' a wind instrument. Both these instruments are made by the Kalbelias themselves from natural materials like dried vegetable gourds and leather hide.

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Living Bridges of Meghalaya

The living bridges of Meghalaya epitomise the true spirit of sustainable living. Meghalaya is one of the world's wettest regions, receiving some of the highest rainfall ever recorded. One of the challenges that rears-up every year is that of the raging rivers. Crossing these rivers becomes a near impossibility due to the intense rains and wild torrents. However, the people of Meghalaya have been practicing a centuries-old tradition of coaxing tree branches and roots to form natural bridges to overcome these torrents.

This epic project of building 'natural' bridges is too big for any one generation to complete on its own. Therefore the knowledge of building these bridges is traditionally passed on to successive generations by the elders.

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