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Industree Crafts Foundation was set up in the year 2000 with the objective of work with rural producers on developing design, technical and skill initiatives in the natural fibre sector. The Foundation's work focuses on creating a value addition for agricultural by-products and other natural fibres in terms of product diversification, design, simplification of labour and time intensive process.

In June 2002, IndusTree Crafts Foundation opened its branch in Viravnallur, Tamil Nadu district to promote, the traditional Paddamatai cluster. ICF works in the villages of Arikesavanallur, Pattamadai. Viravanallur. In this cluster ICF provides design inputs and marketing support to more than 100 weavers directly.

ICF is presently implementing Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikas Yojana (AHVY for the office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)), Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India. Under this scheme ICF has conducted a baseline survey in and around Viravanallur area where more than 1000 artisans were mobilized / formed into SHGs for the Ambedkar Hastashilp Vikas Yojana during June - September 2002. ICF has also organised workshops for design inputs and skill upgradation programmes.

Contributed by: Prarthana Borah, CEE

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