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LPPS was founded in 1996 by Shri Hanwant Singh Rathore and Dr.Ilse Köhler-Rollefson to support the Raika camel breeders that were experiencing an acute crisis.

The mission of the institution is to support Rajasthan's traditional livestock cultures and work to obtain recognition of their sustainable land use strategies.LPPS has received several awards for its work in documenting and promoting traditional animal cultures, for instance it was selected as an EXPO 2000 project and one of its founder members received a Rolex Associate Award for Enterprise in 2002.

The work done by LPPS can be categorised under the following areas

  • Cultural Heritage of India's livestock keeping communities
  • Traditional knowledge about animal breeding
  • Traditional natural resource management and practices

The communitites that practice breeding of these animals in Rajasthan are Raika/Rebari; Rajputs, Sindhi Muslim, Bishnoi. LPPS has extensively documented the traditional knowledge of livestock breeding communities through scientific and popular articles and monographs

They have founded "Camel Charisma", a social enterprise that has the goal of producing and marketing a range of products from camel based materials. The organization also does training workshops for NGOs and GO agencies highlighting India's unique livestock heritage and cultures. LPPS has by now pioneered the concept of Biocultural protocols for Livestock Keepers. The Raika community was the first one to develop such a document with our assistance; this was a big achievement of the organization. This has been reported widely, including at UN agencies and is serving as a model for other communities.

Source :Email communication from Dr. Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, LPPS

Contributed by: Priyanka Sinsinwar, CEE West

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