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Orissa Dance Academy

Orissa Dance Academy was established in 1975 for promotion of Odissi dance and music. One of the premier cultural institutions of Orissa today it is known for its intensive training programmes for artists in India and abroad. Training is conducted by eminent and experienced gurus (teachers). Cultural evenings, Odissi Sandhya and Annual festival of dance and music is organised every year at locations in the country and abroad. The Academy also organises 'Dhauli Mahotsav' at Shanti Vihar, foothills of Dhauli, Bhubaneswar from 12th to 14th December every year to create cultural awareness among the people. Another important feature of our cultural calendar is the Annual Festival in San Diego in collaboration with the Centre for World Music.

The pedagogy adopted at Orissa Dance Academy is based on the Gurukul Parampara of medieval India. The average training span is of ten years, with the syllabus including both theory and practical on the technique of Odissi Dance. To enable a learning environment, lecture demonstrations, workshops and seminars are held regularly by maestros of Odissi dance, music and other classical art forms. Students are given ample opportunities to showcase their potential through stage shows. Summer classes are also organized for further honing of techniques. Schedules are specially planned for students coming from abroad

Orissa Dance Academy,
Qtr 4R-8- UNIT VIII,
Bhubaneshwar- 751012,
Orissa, India,
Phone: +91-674- 2560458

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