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Vanagam is a non-profit organization, collectively formed by people from different strata of society, which empowers people to enrich their lives and the environment by making certain life style choices based on ecological principles. Vanagam offers hands-on training courses based on extensive study and research done over a period of several years, to propagate these ecological principles. These courses not only enable individuals to lead promising lives, but they also ensure a better life for posterity. In addition, Vanagam also offers consultancy services to those interested in sustainable agriculture.

Some of the major objectives of Vanagam are as follows:

  • To develop and propagate ecologically friendly and sustainable agricultural practices
  • To train farmers to adopt sustainable farming methods
  • To financially assist farmers in adopting sustainable farming practices
  • To build awareness, encourage dialogue and provide assistance in preserving the quality of agricultural produce
  • To make easily available good quality agricultural product
  • To support traditional medical practices including Ayurveda, Siddha, Unnani, etc., and other alternative therapies by cultivating medicinal herbs and plants
  • To create affordable healing centres based on traditional medical practices and alternative therapies
  • To provide financial assistance to deserving persons for medical treatment
  • To establish agricultural research centres to promote alternative medical practices
  • To create awareness among people about ecological farming, eco-friendly lifestyle and healthy food habits
  • To find ways to integrate farm life into the urban culture

Vanagam also conducts training and meetings for farmers with agriculturist, journalist to review the importance of organic and traditional farming and also for the women empowerment.

Kadavur,Tharagampatti Via,
Karur Distt. Tamil Nadu-621311.,

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