Bhagwadgomandal- Gujarati Lexicon

An exhaustive Gujarati dictionary, compiled by Maharaja Bhagwatsinhaji after 26 years of research, Bhagwadgomandal aims to preserve and promote the Gujarati language. It is now also available online.

Bhagwadgomandal is not just a Gujarati dictionary; it is an encyclopaedia that runs nine volumes which gives a reader access to 81 lakh words, 8.22 lakh meanings and 9200 pages.

Having digitalised the dictionary has further increased its access to readers. The digital version helps a visitor get an access to the meanings and subtleties of the Gujarati language in a quick and easy manner. The users can find the meaning of various words, idioms, proverbs and pictorial presentations. They are also provided with the option to view the original form of Bhagwadgomandal online.

The dictionary is unique in that it has not just collected a large number of words but also compiled and interpreted words and idioms that are used in various dialects of Gujarati. Thus it is a treasure house of oral communications over generations.

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