Rajasthan :The Living Traditions

Bastar Folk Art

ISBN: 8172340311

Rajasthan : The Living Traditions by Komal Kothari goes beyond the obvious Face of Rajasthan to explore life in its villages, and within her communities. It casts a sweep over its performing arts that include a Tradition of Music and dance, both the Classical as well as the rich layers of the Folk styles that have continued to enrich the Environment to this day. It provides an overview of the Textile Traditions of the people, as well as the variations in costumes and jewellery. The Handicrafts of the state that are textured with a wide range of materials are also explored, each facet a nugget of detail. And there is a glimpse of the festivals and celebrations complete with rituals and ceremonies that continue to provide her people with a cultural link right up to the present day.Vivid Photography illustrates these dimensions, lending Colour to the text. Collected from photographers who have made the state their focus over several years, they provide an Insight into the celebration of life in the desert.

Contributor : Priyanka Sinsinwar, CEE West

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