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Weaves of Kullu

The winter months of the Kulu valley are a busy time for the households when almost every home is involved in the weaving process of the traditional Kullu shawl. The woolen shawls and pattus of Kulu are striking with the center spread of the shawl being a natural white or cream, while the borders have geometric or floral designs woven in brightly colored woolen yarn.

The skill of the weavers lie in applying even pressure to the loom, to ensure that the weave is uniform. Based on an inherent perception and ability the craft skill has been nurtured and developed through years of practice. The demand for the product has motivated the local people to develop this domestic need oriented industry into a craft industry of very high standards. Professional weavers from Kullu town have set up their workshops in the Kullu – Manali highway. The Kullu Dussehera, the Minjor fair held in Chamba town in August and September, and other rural fairs provide the weavers and traders with an occasion to sell their woolen fabrics, shawls, blankets, lois, pattus and patties.


Contributed by: Prarthana, CEE Ahmedabad

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Muslin Fabric

This gossamer light muslin fabric has found mention in the writings of many visitors to India, even as far back as the 3rd century B.C. A great deal of muslin was produced in and exported from Bengal. Dacca was the main region where cotton was cultivated due to the high humidity of the region, which prevented the delicate thread from breaking on contact with the air. The cotton spun was very white since the Brahmaputra and the Ganges Rivers have bleaching properties. The chikan workers in Bengal used this fine muslin for embroidery.

Stitches in Chikankari

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