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Wood-crafts of Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu there are a number of places noted for wood craft. Virudunagar is famous for the traditional style. It has now started making articles for household use. Devakottai and Karaikkudi make traditional panels in different sizes. Small shrines finely carved with wood known as kavadi have exquisite designs and serve as votive offerings to the deity that devotees carry on their heads as they go singing or chanting. Panels from some of these old kavadis are detached and are now used as wall decorations. Nagercoil and Suchindram have traditional carvers who also make figures.

Madurai is famous for its rosewood carvings. The style is marked by its bold forms, the details being minutely and painstakingly worked out. Tables with the top covered with floral motifs or lovely parrots or panels with epic scenes are the most outstanding examples of this type of craft.


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Mythology of Peepal Tree in Goa

In Goa, the Peepal tree occupies the great place of respect, and in some places it is worshipped as Peepaleshawar. In places like Asnora, Karaswada, Nanora of Bardez, the folk deity Rashtroli is worshipped in the form of Peepal tree. The holy, unseen spirit known as Khazaneshwar of Shivoli is associated with the Peepal tree. Once there were areas with Peepal trees locally popular as Peepalamol, Peepalkatta, Peepalaped…. The famous Datta Mandir of Sankhali has very old and giant Peepal trees which add to the divinity and serenity of this temple complex. There are folk songs which make reference to the Peepal tree. In many villages of Goa, usually Peepal tree has a platform around it where people used to sit. It was believed that if a boy died before his thread ceremony, he was said to haunt the peepal tree. Because of the traditions and beliefs, community never dare to cut it and thus the tree enjoy total protection.

Stitches in Chikankari

Double-Star Earring, Peacock Feather's Eye, Sidhual, Makra, Mandarzi, Bulbulchashm, Tajmahal, Phooljali, Phanda, Dhoom, Gol, murri, Janjeera, Keel, Kangan, Bakhia, Dhania Patti, lambi Murri, Kapkapi, Karan Phool, Bijli, Ghaspatti, Rozan, Meharki, Kaj, Chameli, Chane ki Patti, Balda, Jora, Pachni, Tapchim Kauri, Hathkati and Daraj of various types.