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Hozagiri Dance

This is a dance of the Reang community of Tripura, performed by women which has a strong element of acrobatics mixed in it. The dancers are accompanied on a drum called kham, chempreng – a stringed instrument – and the flute. The movements of the hands and the upper part of the body are restricted, but the movements from the waist down to the feet create a wonderful wave. The dance has complex steps and movements where the dancers are required to stand on an earthen pot while simultaneously carrying a bottle on the head which has a lighted lamp placed over it. The skill and dexterity is seen in the rhythmic movements that follow after this. Dressed elegantly in a black pachra and rea and jewellery which look like a set of coins the dancers are a feast for the eyes.

Source- Personal conversation with INTACH, Tripura chapter

Contributed by: Prarthana, CEE Ahmedabad