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Char Bayt

Char Bayt is a Muslim tradition in local oral poetry in Tonk in the State of Rajasthan, Bhopal in the State of Madhya Pradesh, and Rampur, Chandpur, Malihabad and Amroha in the State of Uttar Pradesh, India. Chaar Bayt are four line sequence of verse sung to the beat of the "duff" (a percussion instrument). The poetry has originated from an Arabic poetic form called "Rajeez" and can be traced back to the 7th century. This is a very participative and lyrical form of poetry which is also performed in a collective. Often there is a troupe with headed by an 'ustad'. The singers who perform chaar bayt are often illiterate and come from economially weaker sections of the society.


Source IGNCA Inventory of ICH, Janapada Sampada Division, IGNCA

Contributed by Aditya, CEE Ahmedabad