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Ankik Gudhna or the Tattoo Art of Chhattisgarh

For the Adivasis or the tribals of Chhatisgarh the tattoo marks have a social importance and so they widely practice this art of tattooing. Though the tattooing is done almost all over the body it is forbidden on the waist and the hips.

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Haat Bazaars of Chattisgarh

The haat bazaars of Chhattisgarh are more than just the business centers. These happen once a week. The tribal people gather in the market to trade their products and to buy their food supplies for the week. The primitive system of exchange of goods or the barter system is prevalent in the markets and most of the dealings are conducted in the traditional fashion.

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Nacha: Folk Theatre of Chattisgarh

Nacha, is a kind of folk theatre found in the entire state of Chhattisgarh in India except Bastar and Sarguja region. Although there are four different forms of Nacha, Khare Saaj Nacha; Gandawa Nacha; Dewar Nacha and Baithe Saaj Nacha, the troupes performing Khare Saaj, Dewar or Gandawa Nacha are very few. The most popular form today is Baithe Saaj Nacha. Comedy is an essential and a most entertaining aspect of the Nacha folk theatre. The humorous skits of Nacha also incorporate themes on social issues to create awareness.

Source IGNCA Inventory of ICH, Janapada Sampada Division, IGNCA

Contributed by Aditya, CEE Ahmedabad