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Devajibhai Dhamecha

The Little Rann of Kutch is worlds one of the most unique ecosystem. This vast landscape is also known as 'white desert'. During monsoon it turns out in wetland attracting large number of birds including migratory species. The area produces 20% of countries salt. People here have lifestyles and livelihoods adapted to this harshest of natural conditions.

Devajibhai Dhamecha, is a renowned naturalist who is among those rare people who knows the LRK so well. Born in a salt pan worker family, was always a fond lover of the nature. It was love for rann that made him quit his job in Indian Railway and adopt 'living with Rann and its people' a full time profession. When little was known about this unique ecosystem, he explored the rann in depth and played crucial role in bringing out the information about it. He has wrote couple of books on diversity of Rann. He is actively involved in promoting a Harmonious co-existence of Nature and its people. He has studied in detail about the traditions, livelihoods and struggles of the local communities mainly the Agariyas – saltpan workers and Maldharis – Pastoralists.

He has also published two books namely, Bird Fair (1992) and 165 Birds of Gujarat – published by Information Department Gujart, and Wild Animals of Gujarat (1995).

Contributed by: Ayub Sherasia, Rural Programmes Group, CEE

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