Tribes of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve and Their Indigenous Knowledge

Bastar Folk Art

Author: S N Chaudhary, R P Singh
Year: 2006 ISBN: 8177021249
Publishers: Pratibha Prakashan
Intangible Cultural Heritage of India-Series 4

Like other biosphere reserves, Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve in Madhya Pradesh is the abode of various tribal groups. Indigenous knowledge has been playing a significant role in the life of Gond, Korku and Bharia tribes living in the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve in spite of their increasing exposure to the outside world.

The 4th book in the series of Intangible Cultural Heritage of India, documents the role of such indigenous knowledge of the aforesaid ethnic groups in the management of agriculture, forest and fishing, health and diseases as well as their socio economic life. The study reveals that the amount of conflict is low and integration and adjustment between the modern knowledge and indigenous knowledge is high. Further, it is inferred that, if properly managed, indigenous knowledge can play a vital role in their sustainable development.

About the Authors

S.N. Chaudhary, a former fellow of A.N. Sinha Institute of Social Science, Patna, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and MSH, Paris, is Head, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Barkatullah University, Bhopal. He has written, edited and translated more than 15 books. He has composed more than 15 research projects, written more than 50 research articles and produced more than 18 Ph.Ds. Dr. Chaudhary is actively associated with many national and international NGOs in different capacities. Currently, he is working on Technological Modernization in Agriculture and Social Change; Untouchability and Poverty among the Tribals; and Gains and Pains of Globalisation.

Prof. Kishor K. Basa is the former director of IGRMS. He has been teaching in Department of Anthropology in, Utkal University since 1980. He has co-edited 5 books and published papers in Anthropology, Archaeology and musicology. He is the General Editor of Intangible Cultural Heritage of India Series of IGRMS and annual Journal 'Humankind'

Dr. R.P. Singh is Senior Research Officer at Environment Planning and Coordination Organisation (EPCO), Bhopal since 1982. He is also Officer-in Charge of Biosphere Reserves and is responsible for implementation of management Action Plan of Panchmarhi Biosphere reserve and Achanakmar-Amarkantak Biosphere reserve. He has participated in different trainings, workshops and seminars at the national and international levels. Being project Coordinator he has completed number of studies and research projects. Most of his studies deal with natural resources management and environment issues. He has published 15 research papers and prepared more than 40 research project reports.

Source: IGRMS library, Bhopal and the Book itself

Contributed by: Satya Ranjan, CEE Central

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